Company Profile

In pursuit of excellence, Cengres was founded in 2008 in Mehsana, Gujarat. With upgraded technology, latest designs and innovation to the brim, over the years Cengres has advanced at a progressive pace. Our zealous commitment to being world class brand has led to the establishment of corporate office in Ahmedabad, flanked by six branch offices combining as enviable display centers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Cochin, Chennai and Hyderabad.

With initial production capacity of 7000 sq. mtr per day, we now boost of more than 16,000 sq mtr per day with tile production surfacing with more than 500+ designs of premium quality. Our success story is not just in numbers. With more than 400+ employees and network of 450 dealers and distributors we have an international presence extending to more than 10+ countries. Our quality is top class and fortified by the confident ISI Markingfor vitrified tiles and CE Certificationwhich affirms our product authenticity to global standards and compliance status. Our comprehensive range of products consist of Multi Charge Vitrified Tiles, Digital Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Digital Wall Tiles, Full-Body Vitrified Tiles, Elevation Tiles and Exterior Parking Tiles. We are innovating constantly and bringing out better products for you all the time.